Vivitrol for Addiction Treatment

Vivitrol for Alcohol and Opioid Dependence

We’ve come a long way in treating addiction to alcohol and opiate dependence using medication-assisted treatment.

One of the most successful medications that works for both alcohol and opioid dependence is Vivitrol.

Vivitrol Addiction Treatment | Outpatient Detox

Vivitrol is a naltrexone extended release injectable given once a month in our office in southern California. We have been using Vivitrol successfully with our patients since the time it was approved. This has allowed us a longstanding timeframe to evaluate what patients are candidates for this type of treatment, and how well it will work for each.

Vivitrol (naltrexone) is an opioid and alcohol antagonist that blocks receptors in the brain and the effects of using alcohol or opiates.

Its main use is for the treatment of alcoholism but it has also shown much success for opiates as well.

Vivitrol is FDA approved as a non-opioid medication for the treatment of alcohol and opioid dependence and is not addictive.

An oral version is available, but studies have shown the once a month injectable version is more effective and doesn’t have to be taken daily, which helps with outcomes. 

What are the Benefits of Vivitrol Treatment?

  • Vivitrol is non-addictive
  • It does not create a “high”
  • Once a month is easier and more effective than daily
  • Successful for both alcohol and opioid dependence
  • Relapse prevention technique for alcohol and opioid addiction

Because alcohol and opioid dependence are chronic conditions, it can be challenging to abstain from using either substance long-term. The longer a person can remain substance-free, the better the chances are for recovery. Vivitrol has shown great success as a relapse prevention and maintenance medication.

Many people don’t realize medication assisted treatment using therapies like Vivitrol are available. Others think that using one medication to treat addiction is just trading one substance for another. This simply isn’t true. A main goal is for people to get their life back and be able to function normally on a daily basis.

Because Vivitrol is non-addictive and given once a month while being monitored by a doctor, patients can be assured they’re receiving proper treatment for their addiction.

If you would like more information about using Vivitrol for managing addiction to alcohol or opiates, please contact our office to speak with us about your condition.

Studies have shown that patients who received Vivitrol injections once a month were able to stop using opioids longer than those who did not receive treatment with Vivitrol.

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