The Anatomy of Addiction: What Science and Research Tell Us about the True Causes, Best Preventive Techniques, and Most Successful Treatments

The Anatomy of Addiction by Akikur Mohammad, MD

Publisher: Tarcher Perigee

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Invisible Epidemic That’s Killing Us

Chapter 1. Addiction Is Preventable. Addiction Is Treatable.

Chapter 2. The Ten Biggest Myths of Addiction

Chapter 3. The Medical Illness of Addiction

Chapter 4. The Medical Consequences of Addiction

Chapter 5. The Process of Effective Treatment

Chapter 6. Painless Detox

Chapter 7. Maintenance and Relapse

Chapter 8. Dual Diagnosis

Chapter 9. Teens and Young Adults

Chapter 10. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Real and Preventable

The Anatomy of Addiction describes in easy to understand laymen’s terms how evidence-based addiction medicine works and why it is the most successful form of treatment for alcohol and drug abuse.

This book will help people suffering from addiction and their families better understand why addiction is a brain disease and the process for treating it. This is the same information used to teach students at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. 

One chapter of the book is dedicated to The Ten Biggest Myths of Addiction

1. Addiction Is a Problem of Willpower and Abstinence, Which Is Why Medications Don’t Work

2. Addicts Should Be Punished for Using Drugs and Drinking Too Much Because in the End, They Know Better

3. Alcohol Is Different from Other Drugs Because It’s Easier to Control and You’re Less Likely to Become Addicted to It

4. Virtually Everyone Who Uses Meth or Crack Will Become Addicts and the Meth and Crack Addiction Are Increasing

5. People Addicted to One Drug Are Addicted to All of Them

6. Prescription Pills Are Safer Than Illegal Street Drugs Because They’ve Been Prescribed by a Doctor

7. Today’s Marijuana Is Extremely Powerful and a Leading Cause of Drug Overdose, thus Possession in Small Amounts Shouldn’t Be Decriminalized or Legalized

8. Heroin Is Mainly a Ghetto Drug

9. Alcoholics and Addicts Have to Hit Rock Bottom before They Can Be Treated Effectively

10. Treating Addiction with Medications Won’t Work Because You’re Just Substituting One Drug for Another, and Besides, Addicts Will Figure Out a Way to Abuse the New Drug 

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